Science Classes for Kids

Love to Learn!

At The Language Boutique, we play to the strengths of our students by tailoring each science class to them, their associated curriculum and personal goals. Our lessons are easy to relate to real-life situations and immersive. Just like with any subject, science needs to be relatable and hands on. Every experiment, every discovery, and every creation started with a question and we make it our jobs to encourage and support students’ exploration of their questions.


Lessons at The Language Boutique are completely flexible and can take place at whatever time and location is most convenient for the student. Our teachers can take classes between 9am and 9pm Monday – Friday and until 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Minimum lesson time is 1 hour and they are sold in packages of 10, giving our students the flexibility to take as many lessons as they want per week.

Subject Matter

As students move up through the school system, they typically begin to struggle with sciences because it becomes too abstract and diluted with scientific jargon. While it’s important to know the terminology, our approach is to take the time to help students understand the bigger picture and what the true meaning is.

Studies have shown retention of content that has been related to something already converted to memory is far greater than something simply memorised. By using visual aids and layman’s terms to describe new and abstract scientific concepts, we can learn so much more about what makes the world around us work the way it does.

Teacher Experience

All our teachers are highly qualified and have the necessary experience to be able to deliver interactive and fun lessons while pushing their students to reach their learning goals. We are happy to communicate closely with the schoolteachers and learning support teams in your child’s schools to ensure that our teaching is co-ordinated with theirs. Structured progress reports are also available on request.