Maths Classes for Kids

Love to Learn!

We appreciate that many people have a love/hate relationship with maths and we strive to help our students love this subject. Maths skills are taught to the little ones through interactive games and activities, while older students are encouraged to engage with maths problems, enjoy the process of working them out, and understand the relevance in the real world.


Lessons at The Language Boutique are completely flexible and can take place at whatever time and location is most convenient for the student. Our teachers can take classes between 9am and 9pm Monday – Friday and until 6pm on Saturdays. Minimum lesson time is 1 hour and they are sold in packages of 10, giving our students the flexibility to take as many lessons as they want per week.

Subject Matter

The maths programme that we offer mainly covers numeracy, which is the ability to use maths in real life situations. Our courses are designed to improve understanding, functionality, and confidence at whatever level the student is at.

Lessons can be based on the curriculum the child is following at school. Course content will include basic numerical understanding, measurement skills, geometry, statistics and arithmetic. Naturally, our teachers will focus mainly on those areas that the student is struggling with so every child will experience a unique learning journey with us.

We can also offer higher-level maths and will incorporate calculus, trigonometry and algebra to help students pass their IGCSEs, IBs and A-Levels.

Teacher Experience

All our teachers are highly qualified and have the necessary experience to be able to deliver interactive and fun lessons while pushing their students to reach their learning goals. We are happy to communicate closely with the schoolteachers and learning support teams in your child’s schools to ensure that our teaching is co-ordinated with theirs. Structured progress reports are also available on request.