Mandarin for Kids

Love to Learn!

Our native-speaking and experienced Mandarin teachers have created bespoke learning courses for The Language Boutique. These are designed to give students their very first introduction to the Mandarin language and Chinese culture with a structured progression route in place.

Students are encouraged to have fun with the language and enjoy the experience of learning something so new.


Mandarin for children lessons at The Language Boutique are completely flexible and can take place at any time and location that is most convenient for the student. Our teachers can take classes between 9am and 9pm Monday – Friday and until 6pm on Saturdays. Minimum lesson time is 1 hour and they are sold in packages of 10, giving our students the flexibility to take as many lessons as they want per week.

Subject Matter

The course is based on the internationally recognised learning programme ‘Chinese made easy’ and covers writing, reading, pronunciation, grammar and character recognition before moving on to more advanced skills such as storytelling and improvisation.

Sessions can be taken as a stand-alone programme or as a supplementary course alongside their school lessons. If it is being taught as a supplementary programme then our teachers ensure that it is complementary to the curriculum being taught in schools to ensure the student has the best possible learning experience.

Teacher Experience

Our Mandarin teachers are native speakers and are highly qualified, having got many years of teaching experience. We are happy to offer additional support through direct communication with your child’s schoolteacher or learning support team in order to ensure that we are tutoring in line with their school programme. Structured progress reports are also available on request.