ESL Classes

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Love to Learn!

Singapore’s rich and exciting culture means that many families have moved here from all over the world and sometimes have had no previous experience of learning English. This is where The Language Boutique can help as we also offer English as a Second Language (ESL) courses for children who are not native English speakers and need a complete introduction to the language. Learning a new language can be hard so our teachers will strive to inject some fun into these lessons, ensuring that the student progresses quickly and looks forward to every lesson.


English for children lessons at The Language Boutique are completely flexible and can take place at any time and location that is most convenient for the student. Our teachers can take classes between 9am and 9pm Monday – Friday and until 6pm on Saturdays. Minimum lesson time is 1 hour and they are sold in packages of 10, giving our students the flexibility to take as many lessons as they want per week.

Subject Matter

By their very nature, these courses have to be individually planned to the student’s requirements as the teaching method will need to be different depending on their age, experience and prior knowledge.

As a general rule, the courses cover syllable structure, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and literacy while using internationally accepted teaching materials and textbooks.

Teacher Experience

As well as having very good teaching qualifications and experience, all of our teachers hold TEFL, or equivalent, certificates, meaning that they are fully trained in how to teach ESL. They know how to communicate with children who do not have English as a first language and how to suitably coach them through their learning journey.