Tips and Tricks – Working memory

By 27th October 2015Tips & Tricks
Working memory - tips and tricks

Hot tips and tricks from The Language Boutique about working memory.


Working memory refers to the manipulation of information that your short-term memory stores. It’s a skill that kids need to learn how to use as it is an essential part of everyday life. You can help your child improve their ability to recall information by building some working memory boosters into their daily life.


Teaching your child ways to visualize their thoughts can really help to improve their working memory. Why not encourage them to create a picture of what they have just read or heard? For example, if you’ve been out on a day trip to the Singapore Zoo or the Botanic Gardens then ask them to draw a picture of it when they get home. As they get better at visualizing, they can start describing the day trip to you instead of drawing it. Methods like this can be weaved in to everyday life all the time!

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