Tips and Tricks: Phonics

By 6th October 2016Tips & Tricks
Phonics tip and trick

This month we’re bringing you a hot tip and trick all about phonics!


Ensuring that children really understand phonics has been proven to be essential in their early years literacy development. Mastering the different graphemes (letter combinations) for each phoneme (sound) is sure to help your child’s reading and spelling, and it will form the basis of their writing skills.


Finding fun ways of practising phonics isn’t always easy for parents but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Let’s take the phoneme, ‘the long e’ (as in sheep, or leaf or even happy) which is represented by three main graphemes – ‘ee’, ‘ea’ and ‘y’. Start off by writing these three graphemes on large pieces of paper and lay them out on a table. Next, find pictures in magazines or on the internet of items that feature this sound and then cut them up and get your child to choose which piece of paper they have to be stuck onto. Make sure you write the words underneath each picture so that your child has a record of the spelling.

Once you’re done cutting and sticking you could even challenge your child to think of their own words which contain the ‘long e’ sound and then draw pictures of them. It’s an easy way in which you can work together and have fun doing a bit of arts and crafts as well!

This activity can be replicated with lots of the different sounds so what are you waiting for? Help your child improve their phonics today!

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