Tips and Tricks: Make reading fun!

By 7th September 2016Tips & Tricks
Make reading fun!

This month we’re bringing you a tip and a trick that will help you make reading fun for your children!


Are you struggling to keep your children interested in reading? Here at The Language Boutique we know that it can be a struggle to persuade children to read every day, especially after a long day at school. A great way of making reading more fun is to turn it into an evening activity where they get to spend time with you. In no time at all they will start looking forward to these sessions and will be dragging you to the library!


When reading a story with your children, why not try reading a page each? This way, it feels like a partnership and makes it all much more interesting!

Another great way of making these reading sessions more fun is by doing some arts and crafts at the end of each book – let’s face it, what child doesn’t like creating something!? This could be as simple as making a collage of their favourite scene in the story out of junk you find round the house, or you could recreate an activity from the actual book. In the picture above, the children in the story made shadow puppets so our student did too – and had a great time doing it!

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