Tips and Tricks: Learn Maths Better

By 7th November 2016Tips & Tricks
Learn Maths Better

At The Language Boutique we understand that maths can be a difficult subject for many young learners. So how can you help your child to learn maths better?


A great way to help children learn maths better is by incorporating games into learning. As young children love colours and interactivity, parents and teachers can use this to introduce math-based games to them. At The Language Boutique, we often help our students learn better by having some fun learning such as using colour with equations or plotting points on a graph to create a picture.


No one likes to be unconfident in something, be it children or adults. If your child has been finding maths challenging, it is natural for them to dislike it. So why not try building their confidence in the subject?

You can start by determining when your child started experiencing difficulty, especially in word problems/problem sums. A good start in building their confidence is to have them try beginner questions for that topic. By letting them solve easier questions/problems, you are helping to plant an important thought in their mind – they can now solve questions/problems they may not have been able to before.

With more practice, the skills they gain will not only build up their confidence for future learning, they can also be transferable to other aspects of learning.

*In the picture above, Emma had more fun learning maths when she did multiplication tables in Halloween colours to create a picture during her class.


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