Tips and Tricks: Geometry

By 23rd March 2017Tips & Tricks

When it comes to geometry, memorising formulas may not help students to retain and recall what they learned. Check out our tips & tricks on how you can help your child to better visualise and understand geometry like area and volume!


Students are sometimes under pressure to learn new concepts quickly, whether that be from an approaching exam or just to keep up with their older peers or siblings. When it comes to geometry, this pressure manifests in cutting corners and memorising formulas. Unfortunately, most students are unable to recall memorised facts over long periods of time which inhibits them from building on these concepts later in their education.

To avoid this problem, take the time to understand how geometric formulas were created and why they work. By providing this background story to coincide with the formulas, students are more likely to convert these concepts into long-term memory and even if they forget the formula itself, they will be able to recreate by recalling its background story.


Geometry concepts such as area and volume can be difficult for some students to visualise and understand. By using grid paper to cut out 2-Dimensional shapes and nets to create 3-Dimensional shapes, students can explore these concepts in the real world. Asking them to create the formulas for area and volume and providing manipulatives to aid their exploration will create a long lasting understanding of these formulas which can be built on later in their education.

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