Tips and Tricks: What’s their passion?

By 4th August 2016Tips & Tricks
Tips and Tricks: What's their passion?

We love passing on some of our best tips and tricks so that parents can use them at home to encourage their children’s love for learning. This month, we’re giving you pointers on how you can harness your child’s passion – whether its baking, football or even dragons!


Harnessing your child’s special interest is a great way of encouraging them to learn without them realising. For example, if they have a particular love for dragons then take advantage of it! Children are much more likely to read a story or complete a worksheet if it features their favourite subject!


Here are 3 of our favourite tricks:

  1. A subject like ‘dinosaurs’, ‘cars’ or ‘fairies’ can give you huge amounts of resources to work from. Get them to draw one and then describe it using as many adjectives as possible, or even using alliteration.
  2. Take them to your local library and let them find all the books about their favourite subject – on the provision that they make you book reports or posters afterwards of course.
  3. Encourage them to make up their own play or story featuring their favourite character and find them a fancy dress costume to go with it.

The possibilities really are endless!


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