Teacher Talks: Regan Britstra

By 4th August 2016Teacher Talks
Teacher Regan Britstra

This month we are talking to Teacher Regan Britstra who joined our partner school (MANHATTAN English Language Studio) earlier this year. He is a fantastic addition to the team and his students love their lessons with him due to his enthusiastic and fun approach to teaching! Read on to find out what makes him tick.

  1. What teaching qualifications do you have?

I have a Bachelor of Primary Education from Griffith University in South East Queensland and a TESOL certificate.

  1. What type of lessons do you teach?

I teach English at all levels, both in individual and small group settings. I love the variety of my schedule and getting to know all my different students!

  1. What is your teaching style?

I follow an inquiry-based learning style, where students use multiple skills to enhance their knowledge and understanding of particular content areas within a topic of inquiry. I usually design my lessons so that they are focused on hands-on or play-based learning activities. This means that my students are working in their individual zone of ‘proximal development’ so they can discover how to practically use the theoretical knowledge they are acquiring.

  1. What do you most enjoy about teaching?

I love discovering who my students are as individuals! This allows me to incorporate their interests into my lesson planning, which leads to increased engagement and helps to foster a passion for learning and a ‘natural curiosity’.

  1. Finally, tell us something interesting about yourself

I’m the first person in my family to leave Australia and travel overseas to work and live. It’s certainly been an exciting journey to come to Singapore!

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