Teacher Talks – Hugh Schofield

By 5th November 2015Teacher Talks
Hugh Schofield

This month we interviewed one of the newest teachers at our partner school, Hugh, to get to know him a bit better and tell you about his many qualifications. Get in touch with us today if you’re looking for a teacher and he fits the bill!

Tell us some interesting things about you? I grew up on a farm in South Eastern Ontario, Canada. I have travelled all over the world, having previously lived and taught in Cheong-ju, South Korea for 2 years and in Cape Town, South Africa for 7 years. I also used to race bicycles on the road at an elite level, but these days I enjoy a slower pace by practicing Kundalini Yoga.

What teaching qualifications do you have? I have a PGCE with a focus on teaching high school maths, science and geography and I am also a certified teacher with the British Columbia Ministry of Education in Canada. To enable me to teach ESL students I also have a TEFL certificate.

What kind of activities do you use in your lessons? My lessons combine a thoughtful blend of teacher-centred seatwork with learner-centred pair and small group work. Informed by Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, I provide a variety of auditory, reading, writing, bodily kinesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal activities in order to raise awareness of and anchor new knowledge and concepts.

What do you most enjoy about teaching? I really enjoy teaching because it enables me to add meaningful and long-lasting value to others.

What is your favourite thing about Singapore so far?
 I really enjoy the blend of Singapore’s modern cityscape and lush tropical vegetation. The diversity of the people here, and the pleasantness with which strangers greet me on a daily basis is also lovely.

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