Teacher Talks: Hannah W

By 21st May 2017Teacher Talks

Another new addition to The Language Boutique’s team of highly-qualified teachers is Hannah W, a certified teacher from Wales. Hannah strongly believes in learning through play by providing experiential learning during her lessons. Read on to find out how Hannah helps her students achieve their learning goals by leveraging on their susceptibility to learn through fun activities!

1. Tell us something interesting or unusual about yourself

Fun Fact 1: Back in England, I was a member of a rowing team called called “Usain Boat”. We raised over £11,000 for charity with all members dressed as Usain Bolt!

Fun Fact 2: I love baking and used to bake cakes for weddings, birthdays and special events.

2. What type of lessons do you teach at The Language Boutique?

I teach Math and English to children aged 4-11 in 1:1 classes. I also teach group phonics classes.

3. What kind of activities do you use in your lessons?

I usually take a topic that the child needs to focus on and try to get them to learn through fun experiential learning. For example, when I teach younger children about fractions, I use play dough and we play “Pizza Restaurant”. I will be the waitress and give my student pizza orders with fractions such as ½ pepperoni, ¼ cheese and ¼ tomato. They then have to create the pizza.

For my phonics groups, we have a goal of learning a phoneme, digraph or blend. This is achieved through fun activities and games. All my classes are totally centered on the child’s goals and interests. I have taught English lessons themed around football, Pokemon and Fidget Spinners – all with positive outcome. I believe that if a child perceives an activity to be fun, they are much more susceptible to learn.

4. What do you most enjoy about teaching?

I love being able to work with such great children. They make me laugh, and being able to see them develop over time is a real privilege.

5. What teaching experience do you have?

Prior to studying a PGCE in primary education, I read Early Childhood Studies at Swansea University and graduated in 2013.  After graduating, I worked for two years as a learning support assistant for children with specific educational needs in a main stream primary school in Cardiff, Wales. During my time there, I worked with three children with ASD. My responsibilities included supporting children to meet their IEP targets, planning learning opportunities to help the children access the curriculum and creating a home school link for children with language difficulties.

Following this, I gained my teaching certificate from the University of Wales Trinity St David. The placements I undertook on the PGCE gave me a vast experience of working with a variety of children from different backgrounds in various schools

6. Do you follow a particular style of teaching?

I am a strong believer in learning through play, by providing experiential learning opportunities for each child, however, I do not think a teacher can follow one style of teaching. Teachers need to be versatile and resilient depending on the child, their interests and what they want to achieve.

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