Teacher Talks – Erin Rogers

By 21st December 2015Teacher Talks
Erin Rogers

This month we’re talking to the lovely Erin Rogers, a teacher at our partner school, about what inspires her as a teacher and how she turns this into inspiration for her students.

“I grew up in what I think is the most beautiful city in the world – Cape Town, and I’ve previously lived in Hanoi, Vietnam. I have a BSocSci degree in English and Political studies and a post-graduate certificate in education, specialising in secondary school English teaching. I also have a ‘Teaching English to Students of other Languages’ certificate. I’ve been teaching EFL since 2012, first in Cape Town and then in Vietnam. Last year I completed my PGCE, and spent time teaching in some Secondary Schools in Cape Town.”

What type of lessons do you teach?
“I mainly teach private one-to-one English classes. I have also done a few group classes as well, which are really good fun!”

What kind of activities do you use in your lessons?
“I try to use a range of activities in my lessons based on clients’ different needs. This includes understanding their particular style of learning as well as their personal interests in order to make the lessons both engaging and relevant for them. With younger clients, it’s especially important to have the right balance of academic focus and fun in a lesson. I also encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning experience, which is important to ensure that they are able to get the most out of their lessons and education in general.”

What do you most enjoy about teaching?
“I enjoy the relationships with students and watching how their academic skills develop. Teaching also provides a good opportunity for personal growth and learning – you’re always discovering new things about yourself and others, and education itself. I like researching new ideas and keeping up to date with contemporary education techniques.”

Do you follow a particular teaching style?
“I try to be flexible in my approach to teaching. All students require different things and as a teacher it’s important to recognise them and implement accordingly. I think it’s important to fully assess each individual as well as ask them to reflect upon their own learning. That way you can continuously communicate about expectations and have shared goals to work towards.”

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