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By 25th November 2015Teacher Talks
Emma Beckford

This year The Language Boutique is celebrating its 5-year anniversary, that’s 5 years of helping children improve their English, 5 years of children looking forward to their tutor walk through the door and 5 years of encouraging children to enjoy learning. You could say that we’re pretty proud of ourselves to have got this far!

The lady behind all our success is Emma Beckford, the Managing Director of The Language Boutique. Here we’ve talked to her about how her passion for personalised teaching has led us to where we are today.

Why did you originally come to Singapore?

“I came to Singapore seven years ago as a teacher at a different language school. While I loved my students and felt I was making a difference, it soon became clear that a lot of my colleagues weren’t that qualified and the school itself didn’t have its pupils’ best interests at heart. This inspired me to set up The Language Boutique – a school dedicated to professionalism, excellent teaching standards and a personal service so that every student gets the support they need.”

How has the school changed?

“Five years on and the school has grown significantly. We now have nearly 20 staff members who teach English, Maths, Science and Mandarin to more than 300 clients, most of whom we have been introduced to by other clients, so we must be doing something right!

“We’ve also branched out a little and are now offering group classes on Saturday afternoons and during the school holidays. These have proved to be really popular and it’s wonderful to have our students so excited to learn every time they walk through the door. We will soon be announcing details of group classes at other times so make sure you keep an eye out for that!”

How has it stayed the same?

“Our values still remain the same and that will never change. I make sure that all of our teachers are totally committed to our ethos of teaching students a love of learning. I resolutely believe that if a child isn’t enjoying what they are doing then they won’t absorb the information. If anything I am now more passionate than ever about the service we provide. Instilling a love for learning in every student, no matter what their age or ability, is the basis of all our lessons.”

What’s special about The Language Boutique’s teaching?

“Each new student is assessed so that we understand their needs and can recommend the best teacher for them. For example, we have certain teachers who specialise in particular subjects, some who are highly-qualified in helping children with special needs, and others who have an in-depth knowledge of how to pass school entrance exams.

“The consistency of our students’ progress means that we are now a preferred provider of extra tuition to many of the international schools in Singapore. We regularly meet with all the schools to ensure that our teaching programmes are in line with their curriculums and we can even meet directly with our students’ teachers.”

Any final thoughts?

“I can’t believe that five years have passed since The Language Boutique was first established and I’m so proud that we’ve stayed true to my original vision. The reputation we have built is only there because of our hard work and commitment to excellence. I am confident that that no matter how much we grow, this ethos will always be at our core.”

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