Student Stories: Halloween 2016

By 31st October 2016Student Stories

We had a great time this Halloween spreading some joy with candy, pumpkins, and themed activities!

Halloween is always a fun time at The Language Boutique! Not only do we share the love by giving out candy to our lovely students each year, we even incorporate the holiday into their learning to make it more fun.

  • Issy and Emma had some fun with Halloween maths
  • Samuel plotted points to make a pumpkin head, aka jack-o’-lantern
  • Leonie (who was wearing her cute little witch’s hat) read The Land of Spells in The Magic Faraway Tree, after which she created her own spell store
  • Raz played a Halloween writing game during his class
  • While Sara was learning adjectives, she invented a “crazy pumpkin” character and made a real life pumpkin version of it

We’re definitely looking forward to Halloween next year for more thematic learning (and perhaps some spooky stuff too)!

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