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By 28th June 2016Student Stories

Last week saw our first Literacy Foundations course of the summer season and our students had an absolute ball learning about creative writing techniques and exploring how to build characters, settings and plots.

This resulted in our students writing some fantastic short stories and Rachel Stein (aged 9) is so proud of hers that she wanted to have it published – which we were more than happy to help with! So here we are, the first published version of Rachel Stein’s example of great creative writing: ‘The Magical Pool’. 

The Magical Pool

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Liana. She had light blue eyes like the sky and blonde long hair like the gold sun. She was very beautiful. One day she was walking on green tall grass and feeling upset. She told herself that she was stupid, but her ‘friend’ Drake overheard her say it and so he used her words against her and started bullying her for hours.

After that happened, she ran away crying and her face was very red. All of a sudden she came across a pool with very blue and sparkly water. Because she was running while covering her eyes she didn’t see anything and so she ran straight into the pool. All of a sudden she transformed into a beautiful mermaid! She had a blue sparkling tail and she heard the pool whispering to her telling her that she wasn’t stupid at all but that she was special!

Liana found out all about how actually she was a mermaid, and how to stop Drake from bullying her. She was so happy! She grinned and splashed out of the water. Just then, Drake came over and then he accidentally fell into the pool! Liana said: “I just found out that you can’t swim – the pool told me! Are you sorry for bullying me?” Drake said that of course he was and so Liana rescued him and he never bothered her again.

The End.

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