Our Unique Approach

Our Unique Approach Helps You Learn Better!

 Active learning for all ages

From experience, we understand that while a move to Singapore can be incredibly exciting and rewarding, it often also poses language hurdles. The Language Boutique takes pride in developing your child’s progress and supporting their success every step of the way. We have an extremely high academic success rate, which demonstrates the quality of teaching that we provide.
As interaction and fun are key elements of our philosophy, we find that many of our students, from the younger ones to the teenagers, really look forward to their lessons and don’t realise how much they are learning with us! We keep this quiet though as it’s our little secret!

Programme of study

Our interactive young learners programme is a healthy balance of songs, energetic games and arts and crafts. We incorporate the internationally acclaimed Oxford Reading Tree and Jolly Phonics materials. We provide additional resources, from our extensive library, for home support. Together this combination builds speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.
For older children and teenagers we can be their at-home support and be on-hand to help them with homework or push them in areas that they are finding particularly difficult. Usually our teachers turn up to find their older students waiting for them to arrive so they can hound them with questions about literature, maths and even other subjects like science or geography!

Tailored to you

At The Language Boutique we believe that every child is unique and that their learning journey should reflect this. Only in this way will they reach their maximum potential.
We are happy to offer additional support through direct communication our student’s schoolteachers in order to ensure that we are tutoring in line with their school programme. Structured progress reports are also available on request.

Highly qualified teachers

Our experienced tutors follow our ‘love to learn’ philosophy, ensuring that our programmes are tailored to your child’s interests and learning needs in order to reach their academic goals.
For this reason, many of our clients have been with the company for a number of years and some have been having tuition with us since day one.