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Invictus Private School

We like to be aware of everything there is to know about the education scene here in Singapore, so when we heard about a new international school opening up we were first in line to go for a tour! When we visited Invictus Private School, what we found was a well-organised and creatively designed school that has bags of potential! We definitely recommend that you check it out.

Invictus Private School has a straightforward approach to education: a well-qualified teacher, in a classroom, with 25 students, using the International Primary Curriculum to deliver great learning opportunities to children from a wide range of nationalities. There are few facilities, only one subject specialist teacher and the focus is on providing a fantastic education.

“The challenges of opening a school that is stripped back to the basics has led us to question every aspect of a school.” explains Mary Ann Davies, the founding Principal of Invictus School.

“For example, what do we want our students to gain from a break time? It is not good enough to just follow the traditional model of an hour break at lunchtime and it wouldn’t work for us in our current setting. A break from sitting at your desk working should refresh and invigorate you, and it is the same for our students. Our school day is divided into smaller sections that start at 8.30am. Students will spend the first half hour with their teacher, registering, doing Circle Time or Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) and having assembly on some days. Then they break and do a ‘Wake and Shake’ for ten minutes, to get the body moving, the heart pumping and making sure that the brain is alert and ready to go. Then there will be a lesson, followed by a ‘Snack and Stretch’ break, then another lesson, followed by a half hour lunch break. The afternoon consists of reading time, a lesson, a ‘Mindfulness’ break promoting calmness and reflection, followed by the final lesson of the day before school finishes at 3pm.

“Currently the school is laid out in three traditional classrooms but we have made all our wall partitions movable so that we can adapt the learning space to suit our students. We don’t presently know what those needs will be but we love that we have the flexibility to create five or more learning spaces or a separate reading area or a science space if we wish to support our students’ learning. The next year is going to be very interesting and engaging for everyone involved. By keeping our planning clearly focused on the students, we can take advantage of our small size and our adaptability.”

For further information on Invictus Private School, kindly email the team at or visit the website at to register for the next Open House on Saturday, 6 August 2016, or book a tour any day.

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