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Evolve Arts

We recently met Audrie Clarke who is the founder of Evolve Arts and we were inspired by her passion and enthusiasm for creative drama, musical theatre, and dance.

Evolve Arts is a unique concept here in Singapore that brings a whole host of physical and creative activities to all age groups. Read on to find out more and see how clients of The Language Boutique can benefit from a free trial class!

Evolve Arts

Evolve Arts is based at a centre in Alexandra Park and its principles are based on the core belief that the Arts really benefit everyone. All of our classes have been designed and planned by actors and performers who have experienced the way children learn today.

As well as our students having huge fun while enjoying performing and creating, they are also gaining valuable knowledge and experience that will aid them with modern school curriculums. On top of this they also develop self-confidence, poise and assurance.

We offer classes for children aged from 18 months all the way up to adults in all areas of the Creative Arts – from Creative Drama, Musical Theatre, Mums and Toddlers accompanied classes to professional Performance Classes, as well as bespoke parties for all ages.

We welcome all clients and contacts of The Language Boutique to come and enjoy a complimentary trial class at our centre so give us a call today on (+65) 6271 7817 or email for more information.

Website: Evolve Arts

Facebook: Evolve Arts

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