Why Choose The Language Boutique?

The Language Boutique is a unique home-tuition school in Singapore that combines first-rate teaching techniques with a professional yet personal service, which means that our students reach their potential quickly while enjoying the journey. We offer classes in English, Mandarin and Maths and teach from the ages of 3 to 18. Our personalised programmes can be designed to suit your child’s interests, learning needs and academic goals. Whether your child is in pre-school, primary school, high school, or has special needs, we’re ready to help maximise their potential. Get in touch today to find out how we ensure that every student develops a love for learning.


Due to its longstanding reputation for professionalism, teaching quality and exceptional results, The Language Boutique is the preferred provider of English support for children by international schools in Singapore. We work closely with them to provide the right guidance to their students.


The Language Boutique’s teachers are all highly qualified and motivated individuals. They are committed to ensuring that their students improve their language and maths skills through fun, interactive learning which closely follows internationally accepted curriculums and educational systems.


Our personal approach means that teaching courses at The Language Boutique are completely bespoke and we are totally flexible in where and when our clients want their lessons to be held. Our students are assessed to determine their learning ability and then a personalised study programme is created.

“Matt is an amazing, splendid teacher. Hizen really enjoys Matt's classes, he is so smart and fully understands how to lead and manage Hizen. I can see Hizen's English improving very quickly because of his classes with Matt.”

Aiko Morita, Japan, Stamford American International School

“The teachers were awesome in motivating Freddy and making him believe in his potential; he had fun and enjoyed every day of the course. I can only thank you for your awesome work!”

Ines Giumelli, Italy, Canadian International School

“I can only give praise to Sarah for her patience and dedication. My son's academic results have improved and, with this, he has gained more confidence. She makes learning fun and something my son always looks forward to.”

Victoria Walder, UK, Dover Court International School

"I love you because you help me to learn!'

Noa Beiman, Israel, Sir Manasseh Meyer International School

“Charlotte is such a kind and caring teacher and person. Melissa is now excited about learning English and cannot wait for Charlotte to arrive on Saturday mornings. Not something we expected!”

Francesca Leng, Italy/France, Stamford American International School

"We witnessed a real change in Eva's interest in learning, reading and comprehension. Her report card shows that she is now a grade ahead in her reading, and she's enthusiastic about her learning journey."

Renata Osborn, Australia, Australian International School

“Sarah DM is a wonderful person. We love her and are happy to see her every time she comes to teach. She has become part of our home. She is always in a good mood, smiling and has huge motivation to help the kids – she is an exceptional teacher.”

Anat Avraham, Israel, Stamford American International School

“Armando has been a fantastic teacher for Guy, Noga and Amit and his lessons are both fun and academic. My children have really enjoyed their time with him so far and I’ve already seen great progress. His hard work and passion for teaching are clear to see.”

Yael Marom, Israel, Stamford American International School

“Hugh is a wonderful, inspiring teacher for Tim. He is always cheerful, and Tim and Hugh get on very well together. The lesson is very well structured, and when Tim loses his concentration, Hugh gives him a task to get him back on track. He is an excellent Maths and Science teacher.”

Geraldine Van Dijk, Canadian International School

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